About the Farglory FTZ

Farglory Trade Free Zone

Farglory Trade Free Zone is the most unique, diverse, and efficient free trade park in the world.

Taiwan, with its optimal geographic location, is a regional hub of the Asia-Pacific region in terms of trade and air cargo transport. The Farglory Free Trade Zone is the first "offshore" free trade zone that is within Taiwan's territory but outside the jurisdiction of customs authorities. The park is an economic and trading special operation zone which encompasses land, sea, and air transport and includes an air cargo terminal, a forwarders building, a value-added park, an international logistics center, and an enterprise business center. Through this project, the Farglory Free Trade Zone builds links with adjacent Hsinchu Science Park and surrounding commercial areas to provide enterprises all-around commercial services. The strength of the free trade zone does not only lie in transferring cargoes but also bringing together the numerous high-tech industries to form a industry clusters that are conducive to vertical specialization.

In terms of facilities, the park is equipped with an independent fiber RFID information system and automated warehousing facilities developed by Siemens AG to integrate logistics chains. A 600-meter aviation bridg connects to Taoyuan International Airport and ensures prompt and efficient delivery of cargo. Businesses will be able to receive orders and manufacture goods in the morning and subsequently clear customs and ship goods in the afternoon. At the same time, with the fiber optical trunks and information network, 98% to 100% of goods will be delivered to customers within two days. Our team at Farglory Trade Free Zone is equipped with extensive experience in air cargo and logics. We have upheld our principals of being "progressive, innovative, and customer-oriented" to integrate facilities, talents, and policies to assist enterprises lowering the costs and increase efficiency, which in turn enhances their competitiveness. Farglory Free Trade Zone aims at becoming the regional hub and business center for trade and investment of enterprises to head to Mainland China, Asia, and then taking on the world.

Investment Services Center: No.101, Hangxiang Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City 337, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel Number: +886-3-383-3456