Since the establishment of Far East Construction and Metropolitan Construction by Chairman Chou, Teng-Hsiung in 1969, the Far Glory Group has accumulated 35 years of solid strength. During this time, more than 200 construction projects have been completed, totaling over 2 million ping of constructed total floor area, 500 thousand ping of residential housing, 1.5 million ping of factory/office, with over 15,000 customers. There has also been more than 300 listed companies residing in every Park, and these created 120,000 jobs worth 600 billion dollars in economic production for the country every year.

Now the same professionalism, efficiency and business ideals are put into the “Far Glory Air Cargo Park” development project. Besides providing the best service to customers with the same business ideals and spirit, FGACP also carries the mission and responsibility of creating more miracles in Taiwan, raising the Competitive of Nations, and grabbing the unlimited international business opportunities with our team of elite and our professional management.

Introduced the Far Glory group outstanding team, and the elaboration hope can provide the high quality service for the humanity with the good life quality, for the human civilization and the prosperity contribution mental effort, this is each Far Glory person is duty-bound hopes the scenery and the mission.
Far Glory Air Cargo Terminal in circles the present main management common import and export cargo to go through customs and the bonded warehouse, and will flow the management industry development towards the thing, the conformity air freight network, will complete marches the international characteristic to be fast flows the service the goal. Future in domestic electronic, under the communication industry vigorous development, will construct into the Asian and Pacific transportation center after the coordinate government and joins World Trade Organization WTO, the whole world barrier to trade will reduce, far will fly in circles the growth space to be more open.
Far flies in circles the FTZ air freight garden area is in the peach garden aviation city the passenger transportation garden area and freight transportation garden area one of two main bodies, comprehensive survey world altogether has more than 600 freight transportation gardens area or the free commercial harbour area, but Taiwan only then just about to develops a five ports spatial free commercial harbour.
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The Hualien Ocean park and the vacation hotel altogether 51 hectares, the collection amusement, the leisure, the vacation , the diverse amusement and rest plan content, can meet the different guest level need.
Hualien Bellevista hotel according to Shan Panghai, the field of vision to be vast, towers in long-lived abundant township salt Laos village elevation 260 meters seacoasts sierras northmost part, 10 hectare Victoria type makes the scenery facility, will place oneself far comes, the deep blue Pacific Ocean conveniently to be possible to result in, the deep green Huadong longitudinal valley gets a panoramic view, the mountain sea will interlock, the beautiful day becomes; Hualian far comes; Causes near to be pleased, to let far.
1,993 on December 10, this company Chairman Mr. Zhao T'enghsiung by it in construction occupation --- far east construction magnificent success experience, officially establishes the resurgence person to be long-lived. After that the consideration conformity far male group enterprise resources, establishes the overall enterprise image, officially changes the name in 2,000 in January for the far male life insurance enterprise limited liability company.
To the factory manages the plan to build is well-known the field. The Republic of China 60's, chairman of the board 鑑 to domestic disobeys constructs the workshop to flood, not only the danger also affects the urban district plan, then profits by opinions from various sources in the colleague, after and the reference overseas development experience, in 1,978 promotes the first batch of three-dimensional industry workshop -- "the far east industry city"
Is established to 1978, grasps the promotion domestic to build technical and the improvement home environment quality management idea, the metropolis construction not only rapidly obtains the ISO9002 international authentication, advanced into the Taiwan 500 big service industries in 1997, same year was the national service industry to grow quickest company third (in 1997 May, the world magazine). Simultaneously it also was in 1998 the Taiwan area TOP 500 big service industries enterprises manages the achievements overall target 5th, and bravely seized 1,000 big transport business achievements best company 11th.
The far male business center in line with the consistent service quality and the professional service spirit, will continue the commercial service which will provide the customer to consummate. Will take a broad view the future, in already will have under the scale, also will face the mainland to set up the foothold and to establish the hotel chain-like management pattern in Taiwan.

Is located in the Taibei Jilong road good faith plan area far male group headquarters one, two buildings, is the Taibei most essence land sector, also is the Taibei East City area is most luxurious, the most expensive wisdom science and technology work greatly always, the floor total area reaches 400 level ground